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In this blog, I've gathered together the old patterns from various craft magazines that have been published in Estonia. Therefore there are a lot of patterns in national style.

Some of the patterns are also from my family and some are my own creation.

The oldest patterns from the magazines are from 1936, but mostly from the years 1970-1980.

But you will also find paper dolls and various craft ideas.

Here is a translation of the labels:
Applique - aplikatsioonid
Bags and pocket bags - kotid ja lahttaskud
Bedspreads - voodikatted
Collars and necklines - kraed ja kaelaaugud
Crocheting - heegeldamine
  • Crocheting - filet  - fileetehnika
  • Crocheted motifs - heegeldatud motiivid
  • Patterns for crocheting - heegelkirjad
  • Crocheted edgings and trims - ääre- ja vahepitsid
Cushions - ilupadjad
Curtains - kardinad
Embroidery - tikkimine
  • Eyelet embroidery - broderiitikand
  • Cutwork lace - rišeljöötikand
  • Cross stitch - ristpiste
  • Embroidered motifs - tikitud motiivid
  • Ribbon embroidery - paeltikand
  • Shadow embroidery - varjutikand
  • Monograms - monogrammid
Fabric flowers - riidest lilled
Felt - vilt
Gloves - sõrmkindad
Hats and scarves - mütsid ja sallid
Inspiration - inspiratsioon
Jewelry - ehted 
Knitting - kudumine
  • Patterned knits - kirjatud kudumid
  • Patternes for knitting - koekirjad
  • Mittens - labakindad
National style - rahvuslik stiil
Paper dolls - pabernukud
Shoulders scarf - õlarätikud
Socks and stockings - sokid ja põlvikud
Tablecloths - laudlinad ja linikud
Toys - mänguasjad

If you have any additional questions, please send me an e-mail ikirenak77@gmail.com

I wish everyone Happy crafting and a lot of creativity!

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